The Town hall and the Place of the Composts

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The Town hall

The town hall of Lyon is located between the place of the Composts and the place of the Comedy where it faces the opera.

It was built by the architect of the city Simon Maupin in 1646. It is partly destroyed by fires and the revolution. It is thus restoré by Tony Desjardins in 1852.
The Town hall of Lyon is classified historic building.

Dome town hall Lyon
Dome of the Town hall
Court interior town hall
The court interor of the Town hall

The Place of the Composts

In the center of the place an allegorical fountain of the Saone by Bartholdi is. This fountain was in the beginning intended for the town of Bordeaux and represented the Garonne and its 4 affluents throwing itself in the ocean; the whole being symbolized by a woman carrying out a Quadriga. Following the World Fair of 1889, the monument, become too expensive for Bordeaux, was repurchased in 1890 by the mayor of Lyon, Antoine Gailleton.

The northern part of the place represented the southernmost limit of the old city and its ramparts, with the foot of which an old arm of the Rhone ran. This one was filled by the contribution of new grounds (composts), which allowed the construction of the palates and public buildings and the place in their medium.

Bars places composts
Bars and fountain places
Place Composts, Lyon
The place of the Composts since the Town hall
Fountain places composts
Fountain places Composts
Fountain bartholdi, composts
Fontaine Bartholdi places Composts
The tank and horses
The tank and horses